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The Best Way to Store your Children’s Action Figures


Action figures provide countless hours of entertainment to your children. These toys, as well as their other collections and variety of toys, should be neatly organized so that it is easier to find the ones they want to play with and use. Your son or daughter may be a fan of the products created by a company such as Nilo Toys. Read about Nilo Toys to learn more about this company and what you as a customer can expect when shopping with them.

There are many ways for you to store your kids’ action figures. If you want to store them for ease of access for the children as well as to keep them safe to preserve their condition, you’ll need to think outside the box.

Where do your kids play most with their toys? Do their bedrooms offer space for the action figures to be stored there? Do you have a dedicated space in your living room for your kids’ toys? Perhaps you need to buy or build a custom storage solution?

The most simple and effective method to store kids’ action figures is by building a bookcase for these toys. By making use of shelving or a bookcase that is low enough for your children to reach, you can sort action figures into drawers, boxes, bins, or cases for them to place their favorites in.

While adult action figure collectors would baulk at the idea of throwing away the boxes the action figures came in, ditching these into the dirt bin will save lots of space and make it easier for your kids to store their action figures. It clears up clutter and allows you to better store the action figures for the next playtime session.

Another fantastic way to store action figures is using tote storage containers. These can even slide underneath beds, thereby freeing up valuable bedroom floor space for actual playtime. With the lids on or off, these make for fantastic storage solutions for action figures.

We all know that with action figures come a handful number of accessories. More often than not, these accessories get lost. Think of little figurine guns, hats, caps, sunglasses, wardrobe accessories for dolls, and more, and you’ll quickly realize just how much stuff is actually lost this way. Using Ziploc bags can help to reduce that loss to some extent. Training your kids to store individual action figures or sets of action figures in a Ziploc bag will mean that those accessories are constrained to one storage area. The chances of something going missing are much reduced.

The great thing about Ziploc bags is that they can be dropped into the tote storage containers or other drawers, bags, containers, cases, and storage bins.

The more organized the action figures, the easier it is for your children to find them and play with them. We also know that children love instant gratification. By training them to pick up after themselves and cheering them for the clean space they’ve created, they will find cleaning up is actually an enjoyable part of playing for this reason too.