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How to look chic in winter?

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The content of this blog covers ways to look chic during winter. Below are ideas on how to up your game of fashion in cold weather.

Dress in layers of garments

Dressing in several layers of clothing is what suffocates fashion as one may feel out of place. Surprisingly, during winter, three layers of clothe is what spices up fashion and makes you unique from the rest. Your inner wear may be light, silk material such as; vest top. The middle wear should be warm girls cardigans and the outer layer to be fur coat.

Experiment with scarf, gloves and accessories

You will never go wrong when you complete the winter weather fashion look with a colorful scarf that matches the dress code. Scarf and gloves present a stylish, chic look and help you to maintain warm throughout the day. On the other hand, accessories help to look presentable for example; dark cold weather outfits need a shiny chain or watch to bring the whole look back to life and also building confidence.

Choose water-proof outfits

One needs to be ready for disappoints when it starts raining. Imagine of a scenario whereby you have presentable outfits but when it starts raining you get all soaked up. The outer layer should be waterproof to prevent water from penetrating through the rest of the inner outfits. Through this, you will still retain warmth until you are in position to change the outfit.

Consider fur coats

Fur coats are important as they retain heat therefore keeping you warm throughout the winter months. For people with allergies, try merino coats or any other woolen material that suits you.


Protect the head

The body easily looses heat during cold weather. Think of this time as a way to invest in a hat to absorb heat when temperatures are extremely low. Chic look tip for hats is one that has faux covering as it keeps your face free and covers the head.

Invest in high knee boots

Go wild in the fashion world by picking comfortable high knee boots to compliment the entire outfit look. Get a chick look by blending the color of the trouser to match with the boots, girls cardigan and long fur coat. You will not only have achieved a chic look but also protect yourself from cold.

Try out drapes and belt

Drapes and belt help you feel wrapped. Explore the fashion arena by forming different shapes of drape attire or wrap. The extra material is vital for creating warmth during the day. Combine the drapes or belt with a long sweater dress or leggings. Remember to use matching colors to avoid color clashing.