Best Gifts to Buy for First Time Foster Children

Parenting Advice

As a foster parent, you want to get everything right. This is especially true if the child you’re fostering has only just entered the system. You want to make sure they feel safe, comfortable, and well looked after in your care. So, how exactly do you do that?

One way to make them feel at home is by getting them some gifts. Here are some of the bests.

A Good Backpack

A new foster child will go through a lot of changes – one of which is moving from one place to the next often. One item that will help with this is a good, solid backpack with plenty of room for their belongings. It means that they won’t lose their most precious items when changing households or going to school. No child should have to carry their entire life inside a plastic bag.

If you’re curious about fostering a child for a longer period of time, take a look at for different types of fostering, including long-term fostering.

A Stuffed Animal

If the new foster child is young, then a great gift is a stuffed animal. It’s simple, appeals to nearly all young children, and provides comfort through even the toughest nights. Sometimes, all you can give is a little comfort. You never know – the stuffed animal you give that child in their early years may help see them through to adulthood.

Tickets for a Day Out

Presents don’t always have to be materialistic. When it comes to foster kids, making memories often means far more than a physical item – especially if they have to carry their belongings around a lot! Tickets for a fun day out is a great way to make them smile. You could get tickets for a museum, for a theme park, for bowling, or any other type of kid-friendly activity.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are especially great for older foster kids, as they can then choose what they want. You won’t always know the child well, and a gift card ensures that you don’t get them something they don’t want or need. You can purchase gift cards for basically anything these days, from streaming services to restaurants.


Books are wonderful, magical items that transport a person to anywhere in the world without them having to move from their seat. For a child who may have recently gone through a trauma, they are endlessly useful. While nothing will take away what has happened in their lives, a book can take them to a magical fantasy land or an unknown planet full of unique creatures. Plus, books help children become more empathetic and better readers.

New Clothes

You don’t know what the new foster child has in their belongings. Making sure they have some new clothes would be a great gift. A new jacket, a pair of jeans, or some t-shirts will make a helpful addition to their wardrobe.

First-time foster kids are likely stressed, confused, and upset. Giving them a gift will help them warm to you and come out of their shell.