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Avoid Online Dating Scams by Noticing if You’re Getting Scammed!


With thousands of online best dating sites on the internet, people find the love of their life as well as long-term relationships (without any intentions of marrying). All you have to do is set up a profile by adding a picture in which you’re looking attractive and sweet, a bio explaining all about how you’ll be handling love life, and many other things that play an important role in making you stand out of the crowd. One of the largest Asian UK-led dating sites is Asian single solutions which matches you up based on your behavioural activities.

Is there any chance of getting scammed through online dating sites?

As these dating sites come with a lot of perks, there are also bad ones that should be considered one of which is SCAM. To find the love of life, people turn to these sites but instead of getting romance, they fall prey to the scammers.

How could you know if you’re dating an online scammer?

First, you should know what are the common scams on these sites. We can’t get into the exact thing by noticing which people can tell if they are getting scammed. This is because people can work on themselves to show that they’re not scammers. There are a few things that will tell you that the person you’re dating is an online scammer.

  1. Online scammers will ask you to come off the dating site and chat on other social media sites because dating sites have algorithms that take action against such activities.
  2. Mostly, these scammers pretend to go on a business trip and after a few days, they will tell you that they are stuck in another country. They’ll trap you by saying that they can’t access their bank accounts and will ask you to send them money. Then, long time no see!
  3. If there’s someone who’s telling you on your first conversation that they’re earning well, they have luxury flats, they’re too charitable. RUN!
  4. Is the individual with whom you’re conversing proclaiming their love for you without ever seeing you in person? They may be seeking to build your trust to scam you.
  5. It may sound harsh, but scammers frequently claim to have recently lost a loved one or that they or someone close to them is critically ill to make you feel sorry for them. It’s a red flag!

How to avoid online dating scams?

You may prevent online dating scams by taking a few steps in addition to detecting a possible scammer.

  1. Don’t send them money. No matter if they’re stuck on a business trip, they’re getting operated, or whatever.
  2. By clicking on their image, do a google search and find out if this image is being used anywhere else or not.
  3. Don’t tell them too much about yourself.
  4. If you believe you may have provided your bank or credit card information to a fraudster, contact your bank or credit card provider right once. Before the fraudster can access your money, they may be able to silence your card or prevent any unexpected activities.

If you think that you’re getting scammed online or someone has scammed you before, then file your issue at Action fraud.